International Symposium on Photopharmacology, 16th February 2017

The First International Symposium on Photopharmacology took place at the University Medical Center Groningen on February 16th, 2017. We were proud and happy to welcome an amazing line-up of speakers and very high number of subscriptions (over 130) from all over the World! It was fantastic to see so many different aspects of our young field, ranging from photochemistry and organic synthesis to vision restoration and brain research. The poster session contributed further to making this day a scientific highlight and we congratulate Luca Agnetta from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg on the occasion of winning the poster prize! We thank all the people speakers, participants and people who helped us organize this special day.


Michael Decker, Würzburg

Ben Feringa, Groningen, Winner of 2016 Chemistry Nobel Prize

Edith C. Glazer, Kentucky

Pau Gorostiza, Barcelona

Morten Grötli, Gothenburg

Stefan Hecht, Berlin

Amadeu Llebaria Soldevila, Barcelona

Christian Peifer, Kiel

Dirk Trauner, New York

G. Andrew Woolley, Toronto

Organizing Committee

Wiktor Szymanski

Stephanie Schouwenburg-Stoppels

Friederike Reeßing

Mark Hoorens

Picture Gallery

Pictures courtesy of Dusan Kolarski